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Overwhelmed with a daily deluge of depressing and confusing news, social media scuffles, bloviated opinion pieces, and metastasizing mush meted out by moronic, mind-immobilizing opinion-makers? Then you are most cordially invited to subscribe to The Globoscope by Carl Raschke.

As a broad-ranging, bipartisan commentary and analysis of the more profound and less apparent forces and factors that shape the daily headlines, The Globoscope is authored by Carl Raschke, an internationally distinguished philosopher who specializes in theories of globalization and also happens to be a journalist by training. It offers a “deep dive” that gives its readers an unfamiliar look at what may really be behind the more familiar, but deceptive picture of things we derive from mainstream academics and thought leaders.

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A deep dive with a global eye into politics, culture, economics, religion, and the current state of knowledge.


Professor of Philosophy of Religion, University of Denver. Author of Neoliberalism and Political Theology: From Kant to Identity Politics and many other books and articles.